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Onlinedatingsecurity com

As an example, let's say on Match you put in you like chocolate. And then you go and change your mind a few months later. These changes on your primary site will be updated on the other clone sites, or the sites that stole the data or copied data from Match. So we have found numerous cases of executives and business owners being compromised because they put something out there on their dating sites that they would normally not admit to in public, or on Linked In, or on their corporate bios, or the other people they were dating, or they thought they were having an online relationship with someone who wasn’t actually the intended partner.

Dating services have been going on almost as long as people have been dating. The mail order bride of the 60's and 70's has never gone away. All the Internet has done has accelerated the speed with which people can be scammed, and the number of people you can scam simultaneously. What you’re telling me is really scary because I’ve used dating sites myself, and it's the furthest thing from my mind.

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But, in reality, your data will be on several hundreds to several thousands of dating sites around the world, because every dating site start-up either buys, steals, or sucks in the data from other dating sites to bulk their member portfolio.