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parents should prohibit kids from dating until they-35

Even if the company says they can't, they can."Furthermore, Knorr says parents need to recognize that kids "believe that their phones are sacred and private." To her, parents who try to intrude on that are setting up a "parent versus kid situation, even for good kids who are not doing anything wrong."Instead of using technology to snoop on kids' digital activities, she urges parents to discuss boundaries and appropriate online behavior with their children and to "parent around the device" by "doling out features sparingly" when the phone is new.

She suggests opening up more features as the child demonstrates the ability to "follow the rules and meet expectations and understand consequences." Jen Nessel, a communications coordinator for The Center for Constitutional Rights in New York and mother of an 8-year-old boy, agrees that fear drives a lot of parenting decisions.

If parents attempted to stay up with how to use it all and be adept enough to be purposeful, we'd get nothing else done.

What doesn't change is our concern to protect our children from strangers, bullies, themselves.

Their digital footprint just changes the potentially harmful longevity of choices made when stretching boundaries as first time social users."But not everyone agrees that tracking everything children do online is a good idea.