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The "meet me" feature is computer generated to get free subscribers to "upgrade". 70% are asian women looking for a husband to stay in the US.Three were either scammers, or american women using different identities, all were in Florida.IMMEDIATELY upon receiving the notice, I wrote to the billing department, begging for a refund, since I was down to my last 0 with a week and a half before payday. Their response, "We're sorry to hear that you don't want to continue as an Upgraded Member on POF.

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nope..have access to cell phones in jail pretty on here are not of any type of too many games...

They have nothing going on for themselves and some of them has some issues....maybe that is why they are single...i finally shut my account down after dealing with the same old $#*!

I use the block feature but there are many people harassing people. I haven't meet any in my whole live who said we meet on pof or other crap.... From all the adverts and testimonials you'd think I would have no problem finding my other half on POF but ive had more dates on We Just believe it or not and ive never seen that website on TV! Still, POF is trustworthy and CLEARLY works for some people, that's obvious. I'll keep trying, like my mother always says, never give up! When a search is done, it will show PAGES of people in your area.

That allow people to sign up just for the fun of sending people horrible and harassing emails. I only gave them one star because I had to select one. POF took my upgrade money and erased my account the next day. Anyone who got screwed over email me [email protected] don't have a phone number and ignore emails. There is a lot of negative advertising about the type of people a free site would attract. There is absolutely no difference between the functional use or type of people between Matchmaker, Match, and POF except POF is free. But when you look closer, they keep repeating the same profiles from page to page.

There are far better choices out there than this one. They play way too many games..will blow you up one day and poof be gone the next.