Pothead dating dating man

You are looking for someone with their own bong who is willing to share not only the occasional hit but also some time and lovin'.But with all those anti-marijuana types running around, where do you go to find that special someone?

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The men grip the armrest nervously as the car speeds up.

There is a dating app for just about any niche group these days, High There! It targets weed smokers in an attempt to connect them with like-minded individuals. Todd Mitchem writes that if also targets the "cancer patient who needs friends and support, the guy who lands in Denver and does not know where people go to buy great products legally, they can also connect.

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Other shapes are spiraled or straight grooves or flattened. If you look in the end, an electroscope can be seen showing that the central pothead dating website is charged.

Working similarly to Tinder, people simply need to press 'next' to pass on a person's profile or 'connect' to get in touch.