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The first task is to clear the land of the rubbish that has accumulated – luckily, granddad has left behind a shed of tools too, so you don't have to buy the axe needed to chop down tree stumps, the hammer to smash up rocks or the sickle to easily slice away weeds.

With little money on your side and a bare farm, your first days are spent scrabbling around to get your place in a semi-workable state, breaking up obstacles and tilling the land with your trusty hoe.

The Harvest Moon series has always promoted the ideals of hard work and patience over the instant gratification found by more recent prods at gaming agriculture like Farmville.

This attitude is even more apparent in Harvest Moon on the Game Boy Color than other iterations, as the handheld game crops the series down to its very roots – this is all about the farm and nothing else.

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