Pros and cons of dating older guys moscow dating sites

They tend to be educated on current cultural trends, and just as intellectual as their older competition- Then again, that could just be the type that I attract, but I digress. Pro#4- I don’t know if it’s just me, but younger guys are so and I’m talking suhhhweeeet.

Personally I think it’s because they haven’t been tarnished by too many women who were either too easy or who relentlessly broke their hearts.

Dating an older man is nothing like dating one your age (in my case it would be early 20's).

Boys will be boys, despite their age, and that includes both good things and bad.

I’ll end on this note and say that I believe the true worth of a man is not in his age, but in his character, obviously :) And remember everyone, to guard that PRECIOUS heart of yours, because it is without the shadow of a doubt the most valued commodity you have.

Think about yourself at 19 or 20- and then think about all the people you dated or had feelings for in between.

When you date younger men, it’s like you’re going back in time to yourself at that age, and that’s not always a good thing when it comes to commitment.

Naturally there are wonderful things about being romanced by someone younger, as well as a number of challenges.

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