Puck and sabrina dating fanfiction

His pixies eventually save them from Ernest Hamstead but then lead the sisters to his junk throne on which he resides.

He comes up laughing on a tall geyser of water, his wings keeping him aloft.

Sabrina rages that he is some sort of psycho kidnapping little girls for fun and is about to storm off with Daphne in tow before Puck stops them.

However, she soon becomes irritated with Puck for wasting their time and walks off shouting back to Puck that she doesn't need his help after he shouts that he can't help them because he is a villain of the worst kind.

They encounter him again soon, after failing to enter the Grimm Family Home which he reminds them of the secret on how to enter.

After Puck insults the two sisters by telling them to go do domestic tasks whilst he recovers his energy to fight off the giant, Sabrina and him have a shout off about Puck's involvement in the rescue mission.

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