Chubby dating sexual - Purra academy dating sim secrets

The best way to earn shells is through the shell beach, a mini game which allows you to catch as much shells as you can.

If you have a good hand and eye coordination then making shells will fairly be easy, also if you can beat the challenge you will be rewarded with some intense scene later.

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The story starts when the goddess of the Purra Academy appeared in your dream and tells you to find true love within 50 days.

Being the only human in the planet, finding true love will be quite challenging because they think you are weird.

Air finds herself in Purra, a land filled with animal-spirits who hate humans.

She has 50 days to find true love here– if she succeeds she can stay in Purra forever. Guide Air in her 50 day stay in a fantasy realm, meet strange and beautiful characters and maybe, fall in love!

It is best to answer them appropriately so that you will not be wasting any precious hp.