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We also offer high-availability, clustering, redundancy, load balancing (layer 4 switching, round-robin dns) and failover services for medium/large ISP's.

We also support migration from Windows/Unix platforms to any Unix platform (Free BSD, Open BSD, Linux, Solaris, others) Call 209.639.2989 Black Mesh provides a full range of qmail services, from consulting to shared qmail servers and dedicated qmail servers.

The daemontools package monitors, controls, and logs the execution and output of long-running programs, often called daemons.

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Based in Boston, MA, Saffron Solutions provides qmail and other open source software support to customers in the US and Canada.

Andrew Richards is a qmail solutions specialist: Straightforward support, consultancy, maintenance and troubleshooting services for qmail and related systems. G-Tech Consulting offers high-quality services and support contracts at the lowest prices.

Actually, he's Paweł Niewiadomski, but you need an 8859-2 character set to properly render his name. Erwin Hoffmann has compiled a tutorial about SMTP Authentication (as part of my canceled Qmail Book) which is available in english language.

Readers will find an updated version of Krysztof Dabrowski's SMTP Auth patch which should cleanly interface with eg. Roberto Puzzanghera has written an English/Italian HOWTO, which explains how to put together the latest versions of netqmail, vpopmail, dovecot, roundcube webmail, spamassassin, clamav, simscan and some and related software.

Excello provides support for wide range of qmail applications for SMB & Enterprise customers in the Germany and Czech republic.