Radiocarbon dating and the prehistoric archaeology of china

more Since 1981 and the first absolute date obtained on a charcoal painting at Sonia’s Cave Upper, Boontjieskloof, different methods were applied to try to absolute date San rock art : radiocarbon on calcite paintings, on fibres in paintings, on calcium oxalates crusts, radiocarbon and thermoluminescence on archaeological layers where fallen painted rock face flakes were found.

In 2010, the identification of carbon-based pigments in black paintings of San rock art traditions offers the possibility to radiocarbon date rock art sites.

The findings of Tel Tsaf expand the southwestern border of the Ubaid sphere of influence and shed new light on long-distance interaction in protohistory.

Resumen: Se presenta un estudio de la cronología del tholos de Montelirio a partir de 22 fechas radiocarbónicas y su modelado formal mediante estadística bayesiana.

The structure of the article is envisaged to reflect methodological progress both in archaeology with improved excavation methods and in archaeometry with the availability of AMS-equipment.