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Real chemistry is when a conversation connects really well and it’s just flowing. "You could spend years looking for your ideal mate and never find him or her . I can eliminate years of frustration from your life by helping you know who you are, who you can be and who you can be with." There's no certification process for matchmakers, but Holt has a resume that boosts his credibility.

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A lawyer tends to seek out someone with the same level of education. "There are women who set a goal of only dating tall guys or rich guys, but they don't realize how few of them there are," the no-nonsense Cupid says.

I think less than 4 percent of all men in the United States meet those criteria. There are a lot of average-looking men who feel anything less than a total knockout would be a disappointment. The idea of instant gratification is embedded in this country. A lot of people have great qualities, but you have to give them a chance. I’ve had people who’ve been very successful with a “four date” rule. If somebody has 80 percent of what you want, pay attention. Other people get to know each other slowly and think, “You know, he’s a little more than I thought he was. If you're looking to date people who aren't into you and never will be, you're destined for failure." That's blunt talk, but Holt has the experience to back it up.

This brand is in place because it is all about success and eliminating failure.

Unless you know who you are and who you fit with, you will forever be frustrated trying to find that special someone.

Today he has more than 1,100, and boasts his marriage rate tops 20 percent. Holt goes so far as to attend conferences and other events for professionals, where he chit chats with attendees and then presents a select few with his card. "I just tell them, I know someone you might want to meet." With Valentine's Day upon us, Holt offered some free tips for plotting a dating game plan.