Romantic one year dating anniversary ideas

The first thing I did was similar to his scavenger hunt, but we were already on Christmas break, so I decided to blindfold Aaron and drive him to all of the places at home that hold special memories for us .

When we arrived at each destination, I told him how that place reminded me of him and how it represented each stage of our relationship.

Think of your spouse's favorite place to relax in your home—is it on your deck, back porch, in the den? Sing your love song for your spouse as you drive to a romantic anniversary dinner. Go on a romantic picnic in a convertible that you rent for the day.

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I will post about each of those dates in the future!

It has been a whirlwind of memories the past four years, but I really love that we take the time to appreciate one another each anniversary. I won’t reveal what I’m doing for our four-year anniversary just yet, but I could still take some suggestions ;) Check out some of these dating ideas websites: Hi! I'm a twenty-something dedicated to living life positively, sharing inspiration, developing my best self, and dressing the part.

For example, I first took him to my high school because that was where we had one of our first dates (I took him to see a jazz band there) and I mentioned how it reminded me of the strong for our future; I am home wherever he is and hopefully we’ll get to create a home together one day.

The gift portion was inspired by this post via Shannon at Find Joy in the Journey.

I’ve been trying to brainstorm new ideas to show him how much I love him (in addition to his present! I thought it would be fun to share some of the things we’ve done for each other in the past because I know I’ve scoured the internet many times before for inspiration! but I was definitely in that honeymoon phase) so I went a little crazy.

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