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He also refortified the city's ancient walls, allowing the Despotate to resist the Ottomans for almost 70 years.

One of the most important prehistoric cultures of Europe, the Vinča culture, evolved within the Belgrade area in the 6th millennium BC.

In antiquity, Thraco-Dacians inhabited the region, and after 279 BC Celts conquered the city, naming it Singidūn.

The first-ever projection of motion pictures in the Balkans and Central Europe was held in Belgrade, in June 1896 by Andre Carr, a representative of the Lumière brothers.

He shot the first motion pictures of Belgrade in the next year; however, they have not been preserved.

Nevertheless, conditions in Serbia as a whole remained those of an overwhelmingly agrarian country, even with the opening of a railway to Niš, Serbia's second city, and in 1900 the capital had only 70,000 inhabitants (at the time Serbia numbered 2.5 million).

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    To make matters worse, I wasn't some weak pick-up artist using idiotic dating boot camp approaches that reeked of negativity and douchebaggery on vulnerable women in order to break them down and manipulate them into sex. After all, it's much easier to convince people of things they think they have thought of themselves. There's nothing to fear."After another pregnant pause, she consented with a few words of sage advice:"Don't. Up.", nearly 50 percent of married women and 60 percent of married men will have an extramarital affair at some point in their marriage.

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    The language is spoken here with a very mild accent, unlike most Asian countries.

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    Anyhow, all this implies that the average woman’s time is better spent looking for the right people to write to, rather than composing detailed messages.

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    Chatting to about his new housemate, Chris said: "She couldn't be happier that I asked. She called me the grandson she never had, I just couldn't do that [place Norma in a nursing home] to someone who is like my own grandmother. "If he can't make it as an actor, he can make it as a chef," she joked.