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LIKE MY JOB= This LIKE is a verb, so the subject "I" is missing. Dropping the subject and the auxiliary may happen in colloquial conversation, as long as they can easily be inferred by the linguistic or real life context.

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If the government grants you a retirement pay, your pension plan can help you live better.

But here, a pension plan is not the money he invests for his retirement, but the product they sell to people who want to have a pension plan with them. Compare (capital letters mean the syllable is stressed): BEEN THERE= I've been there.

Well, we have to look at the real complete sentences to see it:- (opposite: I am religious)NO goes before the noun, NOT goes after the verb, so if you see NOT before a word, the verb must go before it or it is missing (understood):- She's coming tomorrow.- No, not tomorrow, next weekend = No, she's not coming tomorrow, she's coming next weekend. PARTNER= If you are a partner in a company, you own part of the company and you also get part of the benefits.

(the first NO in this sentence is not the negative article, it's simply the opposite of YES)APPEALING= Attractive. STEWARDESS= A woman flight-attendant, an air hostess (they work on plains to wait on you and make your flight nice and comfortable).

A WEALTH GROUP is a company whose job is basically to help rich people become richer by administering and investing their moneys in a more efficient way. PENSION PLANS= If you have a pension plan, you usually put some money aside every month and your bank or investing company will invest that money to make it grow.