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Katelynn, or Kat, is an Italian-American trans woman who had a rough childhood.

Raised by hippie parents, she is a dedicated hip-hop DJ who aspires to be a dancer, and has been described as "the token cute white female" and "laid back", though she suffers from panic attacks. Chet has been described as a "punk rock Mormon", a "hipster" and "straight as an arrow", who eschews alcohol and premarital sex.

He is a conservative Republican, (one of two among the housemates, along with Scott Devyn was Miss American Teen in 2005, and a Miss Missouri Teen.

(All previous seasons premiered with seven-member casts, and only introduced new cast members when the departure of others during production necessitated replacements.) This number remains in subsequent seasons.

It was originally reported that the cast would be staying at the Bell Tel Lofts in Downtown Brooklyn, but problems obtaining permits for the construction required MTV to seek a new location.

She is close to her mother, and was close to her late grandmother.