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Of course, it will require manually mapping the proprietary time zone code from this device to an appropriate IANA identifier (such as The device isn't reporting the timezone (PDT), just the offset (GMT-0800) and not adjusting for daylight saving. If you have different models, you might want to contact Samsung Chat to get a link for yours.

So a timezone sniffer will get it wrong and guess at a region that is UTC-0800 and doesn't observe daylight saving—wherever that might be, maybe Pitcairn Standard Time (PST)? Samsung supplied me with a link for my model that had me reset the Country Code to Virgin Islands, US, then back to US. How to reset Country Code (Timezone) on my model per Samsung

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I'm now getting, 'updates, for all software, Windows & otherwise, are daily checked & constantly kept up-to-date; there have been no changes to the computer, & it runs like a dream; WMC works the same, the WMC Guide Update works exactly the same, the only exception being this, "The EPG Listings Package is already up to date" thing, when it hasn't actually Updated the WMC Guide.

don't post those standard, boilerplate replies about updating Windows &or clearing caches &or other such sophomoric hooey...

It’s important that you keep your Samsung Smart TV firmware and software versions up-to-date... To update your Samsung device, follow these easy steps: 1.

Turn on your Samsung Smart TV - making sure that it is connected to the internet. As long as your Samsung device is connected to the internet, it will connect to the Samsung servers to look for an update.

Assuming you can run any Java Script you want, you should be able to use with the moment-timezone add-on.