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Erasmus, his given name, and Lat., Desiderius=beloved; both are regarded as the equivalent of Dutch Gerard, Erasmus' father's name], 1466? He received a Latin education in the household of Cardinal Morton and at Oxford...... He was imprisoned (1539) for satirizing the Franciscans but escaped to the Continent...... from Harvard in 1931, and remained there as an instructor until 1936, when he moved to the Univ. programmed instruction,method of presenting new subject matter to students in a graded sequence of controlled steps. Welter, Popular Education and Democratic Thought in America (1963); R. In a class society education reflects class history, as may be seen in the structure of public education systems, the content of education, and the methods of teaching.

Comenius, John Amos, Czech Jan Amos Komenský, 1592–1670, Moravian churchman and educator, last bishop of the Moravian Church. Students work through the programmed material by themselves at their own speed and after each step test their comprehension by answering an examination question..... , Jerome Bonner, and Howard Gardner have gained wide support. The class character of the bourgeois school system, which is marked by restrictions on the level of education provided for workers’ children, by racial discrimination (in some countries), and by a large proportion of private and parochial schools, is in contrast to the Soviet system of public education, which rests on a number of principles, including the equal availability of education to all citizens of the USSR, compulsory education for all children and adolescents, and the state and public character of educational institutions.

Plato's followers met there for nine centuries until, along with other pagan schools, it was closed by Emperor Justinian in A. With the Renaissance, education of boys (and some girls) in classics and mathematics became widespread.

After the Reformation both Protestant and Roman Catholic groups began to offer formal education to more people, and there was a great increase in the number of private and public schools, although the norm remained the classical-mathematical curriculum.

In the United States such schools are maintained by a number of religious groups, including Lutherans, Seventh-day Adventists, Orthodox Jews, Muslims, and evangelical Protestant churches......