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They are valuable because they offer the guidelines for how the administration and school board believe their school should be run. They are a set of expectations that all constituents within the school are held accountable by. Policies and procedures typically are written with a specific target audience in mind, This includes students, teachers, administrators, support staff, and even parents. For example, policies dealing with technology probably need frequently updated due to the rapid evolution of the technology industry itself. The readers of the policy should not only understand the meaning of the policy but understand the tone and the underlying reason the policy was written. Policies should be written and/or revised as needed.

Policies and procedures should be written so that the target audience understands what is being asked or directed of them. Student handbooks and such should be reviewed on a yearly basis.

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The use of the equipment shall be subject to this policy and to all conditions imposed by the Classroom Hotline, which shall directly supervise such use.

Installation of equipment not owned by the Classroom Hotline must be pre-approved by the Classroom Hotline and shall be subject to all conditions imposed by the Classroom Hotline.

University Facilities Covered/Not Covered by Policy II.

General Guidelines for the Use of University Facilities III. Classrooms, seminar rooms, auditoria, and other instructional facilities that are not assigned to a unit for its exclusive use are scheduled by the Office of the University Registrar, Scheduling and Training Section for use in the instructional programs of the University.

Johnston Center for Undergraduate Excellence, Morehead Planetarium and Science Center, and lounges of all administrative units, and laboratories are scheduled by the head of the unit to which they have been administratively assigned.