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I sincerely hope that 2015 is a stellar year for you Ha-Jun oppa. I'm sure u 'll be the most famous actor among many actors in Korea.

Wishing you a lot of success and happiness this year and many years to come..acting in great dramas. I love ur style,ur smile,ur acting and ur generous face. I 'm ur follower n want u to post ur photos in English so that we all can undrstand.

Should not be too much longer before he gets a nibble. tons of love is flowing your way i can tell :) So I'm checking back, to see if there has been any update on the next drama this wonderfully talented man will be cast...hopefully staring in and I see that this page has yet to be updated.

Without a doubt, I am always on the edge of my sofa whenever I see the character Seolhee and Aurora together, and last night was no different. I cannot say enough in cheering you on and wishing you all the best!!

mangar seol seol hee oppa sarang hae i always support you forever keep going oppa fighting Hello oppa. I can see you being nominated for all kinds of awards..look forward to you winning them to. On my favorite website we have a discussion devoted to keeping an eye on you!

However, to keep track of other drama and ask God to bless you, to become famous and popular forever. Annyeong i am your fan from MYANMAR i love you very much and i watched your dramas princess aurora only love i like two dramas oppa oppa listen to me you are a famous actor you are hangul's star and you are my love oppa so,oppa fighting fighting fighting I am looking forward to your next project, if it's a drama or another soap , I am waiting with bated breath for your next project.

I love you all, each story, it has a length of several episodes, such as "princess aurora ep 1-150," only love "ep 1-123 and my son in law ' s woman ep 1-120 and the last story is" The flower in prison "I don't know if the author plays this story will reduce the role of the King from the moment or not, but I see ep 15- 35 drama because they like the show and elegant personality and shape of your face, which is the South Korea Astronomy cast man.

I really am enjoying your portrayal of Seulhee, and hope the character experiences a miracle and doesn't die...okay, I'll just say it... You are so good in Princess Aurora (I am still watching this drama).