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But preachers should view this is a novelty that should not be regularly employed. Find the clearest way to the point and body of the message. The introduction is not the place to dump information you cannot find a place for anywhere else. This is easier if you preach to the same congregation each week. If you are striving for faithful exposition, find the point of the text. Map out your way through the opening moments of the sermon. You want you’re introduction to be clean and tight and strong. Effective preaching requires that you exegete your audience, as well as your text. If you are consistent, your congregation will give you the benefit of the doubt. Keep them on their toes by engaging them in the introduction. Therefore, he must believe that his word given to our souls will have an emotional, even physical, effect.

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But help them to see how the text fits into the theme of the section.

Explain the historical background and literary context.

It’s true of the Bible, and it’s true of this article.

Figuring out how arguments support the main point is what it means to understand a passage or a text.

Sprinters work to get a strong jump from the blocks to win the race. Others give the introduction before they read the text and state their title.