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He and Cheok’s “I-Friends” will have a sophisticated module which will endow the software with emotions, personality and moods.They aim to tailor the software to any required persona, for example a girlfriend or boyfriend who will be able to take part in continual and varied sexually-charged conversations.Levy is keen to stress the versatility of the software they’re developing.

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It could, for example, discuss a company and its products; or a mobile app such as a virtual girlfriend or boyfriend; or a server based application with which cell phone users can interact via SMS messaging.

The same core software can be used as the basis for any desired character, simply by changing the data that defines the persona.

David Mc New/Getty Levy, a former Chess Master who represented Scotland, developed his interest in computing while studying at St Andrews university and later as a computer science postgraduate at the University of Glasgow, where he taught his students to program.

During this time, he began looking into the programming of chess, which ultimately led to an interest in human-computer conversation.

The project, named I-Friend, will be based on artificial intelligence software that won Levy and his team the Loebner prize for a second time in 2009.

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