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If you do find out she is cheating you should ask that you go to a psychiatric counseling session with her or the marriage is off.She will need to learn how to manage her mental health while avoiding the path of destruction. Check in your application manager for the name of the spy app or download anti spyware to find the spy app.I want to cheek, read my Boyfriend SMS in his mobile number which is send by him.

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However, it comes with a monthly fee and you will have to install the said app on the boyfriend's phone. You can read more about it here: No, this is impossible to do for Android OS or i OS or any phone OS. Phone OS is a dual layer security OS that requires user permission to allow the phone app to access the OS functions.

Anyone claiming to be able to do this is not telling you the truth.

Have a conversation with your boyfriend about why he can't seem to trust you. This will be the only way to resolve the issue like two adults.

I want to see his text messages but he not allowing me to do so You can download a spy app but first you should determine what has him so distant. People can view their messages like someone would their private diary and allowing others to see their messages in unthinkable.

Just because she is on her phone does not mean that she is cheating.