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He was loved by his father and siblings, was never hungry or poor, lived in his father's castle, always had a roof over his head, and received a young lord's martial training from Winterfell's Master-at-Arms, Ser Rodrik Cassel.

Of the Stark children, Jon was close friends with Robb - given that they were roughly the same age, being regular companions in training and riding.

Catelyn would later confess to her daughter-in-law Talisa about how Jon caught the pox when he was a child, and she stayed with him through the night and prayed to the gods to let him live out of guilt for previously praying for his death, accepting that the boy was not to blame for her husband's sin, though it was still not enough to make her love Jon, something she would eventually come to regret.

Due to his bastard status, Jon grew up feeling like an outsider at Winterfell.

Desperate to protect the life of her newborn child, a fading Lyanna pleaded with Ned to promise her that he would keep her son safe, and his true heritage hidden from Robert, as he had been Rhaegar's most bitter enemy and the boy's existence was a potential threat to his claim to the Iron Throne.