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This is the new Russia of big money and mafia corruption, but the ingredients are tried and true.

Strangers on train: there's something Hitchcockian about the way innocent people get roped into incriminating situations and then appear perhaps not to be so innocent after all. Look at the donut and not at the hole, is his motto.

He shows off theirs proudly to Jessie, who's had a bit of trouble with the Russians. They look "real." He's got some of those Russian dolls, the little lacquered things like shoots only with babushka heads, one inside the other.

Her passport and Roy's are too pristine, he says. He says his are special, and he's going to sell them for a lot of money. The train makes long stops, and Roy is so fascinated with the cars, he gets involved in a conversation with Carlos, and then the train takes off without him.

They're on a very long ride, and in the overheated intensity of the cars (you can't seem to pry the windows open) things are blown out of proportion. He's a very Christian hardware dealer and Jessie is his wife with a wild past that comes out when she meets another woman. He's very devoted to Jessie, but the sex hasn't been going too well.

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    For example, when Bellisario recently made her PLL directing debut, Adams surprised her with a coffee cart on set for the whole cast and crew.

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    All you have to do is hover over the star rating of your choice in the row that has the site that you want to vote for and then click on the amount of stars that you wish to give that site.

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    Starting out from Glen Forrest Train Park, the pack split into 2 and went in opposite directions.

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    In this six week course, students will explore how to use basic elements of drawing and various mediums – pencils, pastels, collage, watercolor, acrylics, and collage – to develop various pages in an art journal.