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As so often happens in Belgrade, after enduring ten minutes of fat, brown, smelly gypsies with crooked teeth and shifty morals, I was suddenly blown away at meeting the full humans.

It was a sunny spring day and everyone was outside. Hordes of hot young girls, all aged eighteen to twenty, milled around with their tight clothes, long legs and thick black hair.

Here's his explanation of how the end of his relationship with After that there was a disagreement about a feature that Jim Nelson wanted me to write and he said he wouldn't discuss my contract until it was done, so I simply resigned two months before my contract expired, at the loss of a couple of checks, because things were not handled in a gentlemanly manner. They could have at least called their replacement the "Style Intern."And one year ago, because of my popularity, they wanted me to do the Style Guy as an animated series on TV for Conde Nast Entertainment, but their TV people were so out of touch and their execution so embarrassing that I refused. To have had a brilliant success for fifteen years with something I created and then to try to make it appear like suddenly I wasn't modern enough or they needed to go younger is completely dishonest. Look at the top contributors over the last several years. I would have been happy to just go quietly away from such a vulgar operation, but I am offended at being made a scapegoat for their spectacular incompetence. But I thought, after 16 years, it was time for a different perspective on fashion and style.

Jim Nelson acted regretful; he told me his budgets had been slashed and that he could no longer afford me, but he wanted me to continue to write for the magazine. The animator made me look like a leprechaun in lipstick. Things have changed so much, not the least of which is the way people want information and advice.

It didn’t matter whether they were sitting alone on a bench reading a library book or picnicking with friends on a grassy knoll, they were all broadcasting the same message loud and clear. Please charm our knickers off and give us a rogering we’ll never forget.” My landlord was a chilled university student with rich parents.