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Online, the recording was received by an unsettling barrage of ridicule from social media users.

The atrocity of the brutalization and its aftermath offers us no answers, but does pose a question: when will we begin taking rape seriously?

THE HARD PART WAS FINDING AN EIGHT-FOOT TOILET TO FLUSH IT AWAYFisherman Raphael Biagini caught a 30-POUND GOLDFISH in the South of France.

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Ben Pol is one of the finest bongo flava artist in Tanzania.

The Boutique Real Estate | Austin Texas The information contained herein has been obtained through sources deemed reliable but cannot be guaranteed as to its accuracy.

A slap in the face, courtesy of science: even when medical research is supportive, the trans* community sees little benefit from the expenditure.

Danae Mines, the first female firefighter to be featured in FDNY’s annual calendar, hopes that her appearance will encourage future generations of women to suit up and join the force.

magazine, “He’s never seen me naked, nor will he after those comments.”THUS ANSWERING THE QUESTION: WHAT WOULD RAHM EMANUEL BE LIKE AS A FLIGHT ATTENDANT? Airport, flight attendant STEVEN SLATER announced on the public-address system, “To the passenger who called me a motherfucker, fuck you. And that’s it, I’m done.” He then grabbed two beers and slid down the plane’s emergency chute. Iranian president MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD accused Paul the Octopus, the sea creature who correctly predicted eight World Cup matches, of spreading “Western propaganda and superstition.”GIVING NEW MEANING TO THE PHRASE “UNDER MY THUMB”In his autobiography, KEITH RICHARDS wrote about MICK JAGGER’S relationship with Marianne Faithfull, saying she “had no fun with his tiny todger.

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    Kiarie_Marie Many of you believe that twerking was made for black girls but this white slut is here to prove you wrong.

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    Since 2011 Sobchak is hosting the program Sobchak Live on the independent channel Dozhd.

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