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Sokoloff has compiled this extensive bibliography of print resources dealing with multicultural domestic violence.

There are separate sections for Theories and Analyses, Racial/Ethnic Groups, Socio-Economic Status, Religious Groups, Lesbians, Social and Personal Change, Rural Domestic Violence, and Women with Disabilities.) (This quarterly newsletter, produced by the Boston Bisexual Women's Network, provides information about books and films with bisexual themes, bi politics, and what's going on in bisexual communities in Boston and around the globe. See the website for more information.) (Web site of a French nonprofit organization that provides assistance, research, and information on transsexuality and gender identity.

Crystal, a child rape survivor: "I wanted to become free - I wanted to become safe." Read more...

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Our online support group includes a message board, chat room, and blogs.

It is free to join and is safely moderated by a diverse group of survivors.

You will also find support for issues common in healing after rape, sexual assault, & sexual abuse: flashbacks, depression, and PTSD; self-injury and self-harm; eating disorders; relationships, sex & intimacy; spirituality; pregnancy & parenting; & legal concerns. As a rape or sexual abuse survivor, you may feel isolated, like no one understands.

Please don't be afraid to explore this site and register on the discussion forums to see what we can offer you.

The clearly partisan site includes an account of the issue and many useful links to news articles and related web sites.) (Formerly the Carnegie Mellon English Server, now the EServer at the University of Washington.