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A survey commissioned by Norton with 500 respondents in the 18-64 age bracket, who are active Internet users, shows that an average Indian spends 9.7 hours a week on Facebook.

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A survey conducted by First Monday, an online peer review journal, showed how out of a group of 1,115 first-year university students, only 26 per cent actively updated and monitored their privacy settings on Facebook in the US.

The majority of respondents remained unaware or uninterested about privacy issues on social media networks.

The 21-year-old NRI who died tragically in Delhi on September 13, allegedly from a rave party gone wrong, is not the only one to bare it all on social media feeds.

From pictures of first dates on Instagram to posts about losing your virginity on Facebook, from tweets about exam cheat sheets to nude cartoons of your ex on special revenge porn websites, nothing is too private to be posted online today. When you reply to tweets or comment on status updates, you never think that one day they will be tracked by the whole world.

Findings of the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Gen Y survey 2012-13 show that almost 74 per cent of the "post-millennial" generation, or those born after 1996, prefer social media over phone calls, with networks like Facebook being the primary mode of communication with peers for 92 per cent of those surveyed.