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Not only does it help to get blogger feedback on the fit and construction of these items, but bloggers also play a big role in introducing us to new brands in the first place.

Although there may be one or two known bra giants in this world, I believe that one brand cannot be all things to all people.

If you recognize the cage structure of the bra above, it's likely that you've seen one of the many knock-offs that this underwire bralette from Chromat arguably inspired.

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As someone who can't actually fit into the products of almost every plus size bra company, I was sure glad to discover The Little Bra Company.

The struggle to find cute bras really affects both ends of the size spectrum, from petite to plus.

With an aesthetic range that encompasses turn of the century styles to those of the 1960s, Dottie's Delights have been seen on Violet Chachki, Sabina Kelley, and Holly Madison, and are favorites for lovers of burlesque.

The brand's current size range for bras goes up to an F cup; and even through its growth, it continues to offer custom sizing and design alterations.

When it comes to finding your new favorite undergarment, you don't have to get stuck scouring the racks at your local department store, trying to find something in your size while avoiding an awkward fitting with a pushy salesperson.