Shai labeouf and megan fox dating

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So we were forced to focus our attention on “Transformers” and recent 21It’s strange plus it’s such a different…tonally it’s the same because there’s humor but you’re not going to match…Bumblebee and that Bumblebee is two different Bumblebees and the nostalgia factor will put you back there but it’s not the same Bumblebee.

Shia, when we were talking to you a couple of months ago and you were describing talking about working with Michael Bay and you said you don’t want a guy who talks about your motivation, you want a guy who sets your hair on fire and all that.

An X17 exclusive video shows the actor pulling up in his driveway, music blaring.

The guy was lying in wait for Shia and outright asked him if there was any truth to the rumor that he has been dating Megan Fox.

During Fox's relationship with Green, he cheated on her as well. Michael Bay regarding Shia La Beouf's admission: I'm going to break his legs!