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According to YG, the two started out as friends when TOP asked for acting advice for I am Sam and quickly became lovers. He needed a bait to hook-up with Shin Minah and he figured nothing can beat the friendly I need your advice move. P (Choi Seung Hyun) was in a relationship with actress Shim Min Ah has caused a storm especially among Big Bang fans. Although we still need to verify this but I can assure you that nothing of this is true.

Lets see how long these two will remain lovers as VIPers start harassing Shin Minah for dating their idol. (Source: of Big Bang and their management agency, YG Entertainment have swiftly stepped out in response to news that broke earlier today that T. P and Shim Min Ah was an item, claming its nothing but a big fat LIE. Since the story broke this morning, Big Bang fans has been voicing their opinions all day, Cant believe this.

One always wonders how acting stars find love in their hectic lives with so much make believe romance onscreen or in print, but most of the time it’s the same way non-famous people find love – meet someone who is your type, spend time together, decide to date.

The only difference is being rich and fabulous, heh.

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