Sims 2 mobile validating

You will need to bring those SIMs with you when you sign up for Know Your Customer.Yes, you may change your personal details at any of the GCash authorized Know Your Customer outlets. After the completion of the activation process, terminate the call.

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Sims 2 mobile validating

You might be able to get you phone unlocked for free - see our guide to unlocking an i Phone (it also applies to other makes).

If you're travelling to the UK from abroad the same applies: you'll need an unlocked phone to use a UK SIM card.

Simply present any VALID document/s or ID to confirm any change.

(Ex: to change your surname after getting married, please present your marriage certificate.) The personal details you submitted to the GCash Know Your Customer outlet will override the details you keyed-in during your registration to GCash using the menu, *143# or the Mobile App as long as it is supported by a VALID ID.

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