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Pictures of them showing off their body As beautiful as your biceps might be, 45 percent of women aren’t into seeing pics of them. Using trending hashtags Approximately 25 percent of men hate this. Inspirational quotes Twenty-two percent of men dislike when women post inspirational quotes on Instagram.

Whenever I see a guy showing off his arms, I automatically assume he’s insecure in some way for doing it.1. (Hashtags are screwing us all, it seems.)Why, tho?!

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In its Singles In America survey of over 5,000 singletons, dating site found there are a ton of things we’re doing on Instagram that could be considered a turn-off for the opposite sex.

Hell, we might even be turning off potential mates without even knowing we’re it.

Like, I’ll post a selfie on Instagram with those Snapchat filters that make you look like a freaking goddess, then tag it with a million things to get #LIKESFORLIKES.