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As one of the few varieties you could easily pick out blindfolded, it's no wonder that Lime always seems to be the first to vanish from that colorful pyramid display at Whole Foods. It's the standard against which all other La Croix flavors should be measured.

It has all the vibrant refreshment of a lime-kissed vodka soda on a hot summer day, but with no fear of judgment for drinking before lunch. Pete Cottell is a hopeless coffee and La Croix addict who knows his life would be over if they figured out a way to combine the two things.

Nicki still denies the video is of her and we believe her from what we saw in the tapes.

This scandal is huge news as searching for “Nicki Minaj Sex Tape” hit about 200,000 searches per minute when the story first surfaced and damn near broke our servers.

Fill a half-empty can of this stuff with some red wine and Thanksgiving is going to be interesting.