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The government has to watch for any dangers to the people, both spiritual and physical." When Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the Moon in 1969, South Africa was one of the few countries unable to watch the event live, prompting one newspaper to remark, "The moon film has proved to be the last straw…The situation is becoming a source of embarrassment for the country." In the absence of television in South Africa, a radio version of the British television series The Avengers was produced by Sonovision for SABC's commercial network, Springbok Radio, in 1972.The SABC's monopoly on free-to-air terrestrial television was broken with the introduction of privately owned channel in 1998.

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Southern africa dating page

Telkom Media, which was also granted an IPTV licence, decided in April 2009 not to pursue the launch of television services as its parent company Telkom did not believe adequate investment returns could be achieved, ad was liquidated.

The remaining licensees were expected to be operational by late 2009 and all will operate direct-to-home services using standard small-aperture satellite dishes.

However, the SABC now also carried CNN International's TV news bulletins, thereby giving South African viewers new sources of international news.

SABC TV programmes in Afrikaans and other languages are now subtitled in English, but programmes in English are not usually subtitled in other languages, the perception being that all South Africans understand English.

As a result, it was only after the end of apartheid that the boycott was lifted and non-US programming became much more widely available.