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There’s even a Matchmaking Institute, based in New York City, although there’s no licensing requirement.Gottesman’s clients find her through ads in Jewish publications, word of mouth, or by hearing her interviewed on TV and radio.Her father was a rabbi and she watched him perform a lot of weddings and heard him talk about what makes a good marriage.

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She charges an initial $3,600 to begin the process and an additional $7,200 if a match is made.

Occasionally, she lowers the rate, particularly for seniors on limited incomes. It all begins with an in-depth interview, usually by phone, where she gets a sense of clients and what they are seeking.

After graduating, she traveled to Israel and worked as a volunteer teacher before graduate school.

Then, drawn by her love of travel and animals, she worked briefly with primatologists in Venezuela studying monkey behavior in the rainforest (“I loved the monkeys,” she says, “but the primatologists were odd”).

And all the weddings have been between first matches.