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Well, if all else fails, it appears that science offers at least one suggestion.

According to Psychology Today, following bouts of infidelity, cheaters will experience something commonly referred to as, “cheater's high.”According to new research, cheating, specifically the act of getting away with cheating, has an addictive, pleasurable nature – both emotionally and psychologically.

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have found out from one of my boys, she would've been upfront with me, and told me herself.

There are infinite reasons why someone will chose to cheat, including things like self-control, situation-specific variables, and the current state of your relationship.

Having said that, this study does provide critical evidence suggesting that, for many people, cheating can prove to be rewarding – until they get caught, that is.

Because, when that proverbial “sh*t hits the fan,” as alluded to earlier – you'll be left with questions.