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Hydroxyl radicals are formed by the Fenton reaction of H2O2 with metals like ferrous iron in your blood or with mercury and cadmium (which shouldn’t be there).

Hydroxyl radicals are vicious oxidizers and once set loose, initiate a chain reaction that begins oxidizing the unsaturated fats of cell membranes in a stealthy attempt to suffocate and isolate the cell from oxygen and nutrient material transport.

The damage also cripples DNA expression, DNA/telomere integrity, cell division, immune function and critical enzyme production which lie at the root of disease.

While the ABCDEK vitamins, healthy fats and internally produced antioxidants like uric acid, glutathione, SOD and catalase oppose oxidative stress/inflammation by supplying electrons, it is the colorful polyphenolic pigments that halt hydroxyl radical initiated chain reactions.

So when a food contains phenolic acids, flavonoids, flavones, stilbenes, and lignans, pay attention!