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in northern Inner Mongolia, where a group of 20 tourists were detained on July 10, said the nine tourists were deported after" watching video clips that advocate terrorism and religious extremism," the state- run Xinhua news agency said., Inner Mongolia, Tan Zuojun, vice governor of Liaoning Province and former general manager of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, said that development of China's fourth-generation nuclear submarines and other high-tech weapons had been completed.

Called to the village of Midsomer Market to investigate someone's car being set on fire, Barnaby and Troy soon find themselves investigating the murder of Marjorie Empson who is found in her home bludgeoned to death.

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There are several other suspects, all in one way or another connected to the financial and investment world, but when a second member of the book club is killed, the police realize they may need to look for an altogether different motive.