Teamcity svn externals not updating

The committed changes will then appear in the external as well as the file referenced by the external.However, in our example, we pinned the external to an older revision, so attempting to commit the external fails: $ svn status M X www/$ svn commit -m "change the color" www/Sending www/svn: E155011: Commit failed (details follow): svn: E155011: File '/trunk/bikeshed/blue.html' is out of date $ Keep this in mind when defining file externals.This can be confusing—even frustrating—in certain situations.

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Unfortunately, the support which exists for externals definitions in Subversion remains less than ideal.

Both file and directory externals have shortcomings.

A my-project A my-project/some-dir A my-project/external-dir …

Fetching external item into 'my-project/some-dir/subdir' Checked out external at revision 11. $ svn propget svn:externals my-project/some-dir subdir $ $ svn move -q my-project renamed-project $ svn commit -m "Rename my-project to renamed-project." Deleting my-project Adding renamed-project Committed revision 12.

Sometimes it is useful to construct a working copy that is made out of a number of different checkouts.