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Because of difficulties verifying the sender and ensuring client safety, WEAVE can not respond to message board posts which contain emails. They are sending emails, texts, calls and posting personal pictures and horrible posts on online cheater sites. I am sorry for what I did (being in a relationship with a married man) all I can do is change my life and never do it again.

I wish this was my only problem, I tried to be his friend and help him with this, but he has turned his frustration and anger on me.

We make every effort to answer all questions – even beyond these areas – but we cannot answer questions which are medical, significantly beyond the scope of our services, or ask legal questions in jurisdictions outside of Sacramento County.

Standard emails can be tracked, even after they are deleted.

He now accuses me and one of the other women he was dating, (In September I found out there were 4 of us, I know I should have ran then), of being the ones behind everything, I never had the photos that were posted, they were old and I didn’t even know about these sites until this happened to him.