Temple terrace dating bamyan in afghanistan predating european

This is except on the Senmut star map where it is shown in quite another version.

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Also, it is the case with the Egyptian temple of Isis in Denderah, a temple build as a copy of more ancient temples.

Similary here when the altar was lighted by the beam, the star Sirius (Sothis) was thought to be transformed into the divinity Sobdet.

these stars are placed on the map precisely as the location where the Pleiades are situated in the sky.

More so, on the map the specific picture have been attached some hieroglyphs showing clearly to be read in the direction from the right to the left, displaying the name mw(jt) nwt ht , i.e.

It served as a celestial marker or sign for one of the year's great events, i.e. In fact, these stars were thought to be connected, in a meta-astrological sense, with the concept "blessing".