The consolidating smartphone pie

"The company offers a range of advertising technology products and services to advertisers, publishers and other technology companies individually or on a bundled basis."In other words, AOL knows how to automate the process of ad planning and buying by using programs that match advertisers and content publishers.

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Last year, Internet use on mobile devices exceeded the use of the Internet on computers.

Mobile advertising is one of the fastest growing segments of advertising. S., AOL claimed just a 2% marketshare of the larger $50.7 billion digital advertising pie, down slightly from its 2.3% share in 2013.

Global smartphone shipments reached a level of about one-sixth of the global population last year. While the number is impressive, the growth rate has slowed, raising the question of how large the pie for giants, which include Samsung and Apple Inc. Samsung, which has struggled to compete with Apple and Chinese-made smartphones, and has shown withering revenue but still leads the industry with a share of 22.0%. Based on data from Strategic Analytics, Apple’s growth has leveled, as was evident in its most recently posted quarter. Samsung shipped 81.3 million smartphones worldwide in Q4 2015, growing an above-average 9 percent annually from 74.5 million units in Q4 2014.

This was Samsung’s fastest growth rate for almost two years and it helped Samsung to stay ahead of Apple and maintain first position with 20 percent share for the quarter and 22 percent share for the full year.

Last year, nearly $43 billion was spent on mobile advertising worldwide and is expected to increase 61% to reach $68.7 billion in 2015, according to e Marketer. But explosive growth is coming in the realm of programmatic advertising, which basically turns over ad-buying decisions to software programs.