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Intertwining their art with their powers of social observation and critique, these artists propose a subversion of the dating principles.

Feta cheese in lasagna does not sound at all appealing.

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Since her business rented a coworking space on the second floor of 3rd Ward, the Brooklyn art studio-cum-teaching-space-cum-design incubator, the sight wasn’t as completely out of place as it may have been in a Midtown law firm, but the swarm of people was still unusual for a weeknight. “She said something like, ‘It’s dead, it’s over, we’ve got to move.

“They asked me if I had heard that 3rd Ward was going to be shut down at midnight,” Ms. Now.” Susty Party is currently racing toward its January unveiling of a new product line, which will include the first-ever bioplastic compostable tablecloth, made in a facility that employs the blind.

In this scene Richard Dutcher (director of "God's Army") has a cameo.

From Quiz Welcome to the 3rd "Single's Ward" Jonathon's story was a fairy tale!

From Quiz Welcome to the 2nd "Single's Ward" Jonathon has adopted this motto and applies it to how he deals with the LDS church.

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    At the end of the day it has to be something left, or most of the time, negative.