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Take our Scoring the Second Date quiz below and share your results with us in the comments section.Check out all of the hot topics at Singles In and follow the social conversation at #Singles In America!Typically, she would start deleting emails quickly, and if your email doesn’t have something that stands out then there’s a high chance that it gets deleted with the rest.

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You want to make good choices and manifest what you really want in your life and relationships.

Any attractive woman who posts her profile online would instantly get messages and then dozens more for the days to come.

You've gotten past the divorce and dating someone new seems like a possibility you'd like to consider, but where do you even start?

If you've taken a long vacation from the dating scene, it can be daunting to even think about going out on a date.

They could get as many as 100 emails a day from every type of guy you can imagine.