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Clearly, which personality-matching dating website is best for you depends on your circumstances.If you’ve read through this whole post hopefully one of them — or e Harmony — stood out as a better fit for you.Best for meeting women: e Harmony For the same reason is better for meeting men (see above), e Harmony’s large percentage of female users give men on the site an advantage. Chemistry has excellent sections specifically for gay and lesbian dating. Best for single parents: e Harmony Chemistry and e Harmony have similar demographics in terms of age, income and educational background.

In addition, e Harmony’s users have to be over 21 (Chemistry minimum age is 18) and been divorced fewer than four times.

e Harmony has even been known to reject applicants if their questionnaire suggests they are deeply depressed! Best website user experience: This might be a matter of personal taste, but to us the Chemistry website has a cleaner design and a more intuitive navigation than e Harmony. Best for people who don’t like emailing: e Harmony If you aren’t a creative writer, don’t like email or simply aren’t a fan of written correspondence with people you don’t know, you’ll find e Harmony much more pleasant to use.

At the very least, it will encourage you to interact with people who you might not give a chance to otherwise. As a result, e Harmony has the more rigorous matching system.

Although e Harmony has more members (approximately 20 million to Chemistry’s 12 million), you’ll get few matches sent your way on e Harmony.

If neither did, our suggestion is: sign up for both.