The setting for the radiocarbon dating of the shroud absolutely adult dating and sex

Valencia, April 28-30, 2012 The setting for the radiocarbon dating of the Shroud Emanuela Marinelli Abstract La datación por el carbono 14, que tuvo lugar en 1988, colocó el origen de la Síndone entre 1260 y 1390 d. ; pero la reconstrucción de los acontecimientos que llevaron a este análisis, y las polémicas que siguieron su realización, echan fuertes sombras sobre la validez del resultado. Have all the procedures followed for the development of radiocarbon tests been regular? Los procedimientos seguidos para la realización del examen con el carbono 14 no fueron todos regulares. Storia documentata di una secolare venerazione, Ed. May the Shroud have undergone changes that affected the radiocarbon dating? PDF to processing grossly incorrect dates when unknown problems may exist with the sample at the collection site.

the setting for the radiocarbon dating of the shroud-38

The history of the events and of the traumas suffered by the relic make it a difficult object, whose radiocarbon dating cannot provide reliable data. In the late 70s the sample required for dating had been reduced to a thread 20 cm long.

The analyzed sample, because of its peculiar characteristics, was not representative of the whole sheet. At that time there were two different techniques: the conventional counting method and the new method of the Tandem accelerator developed by physicist Harry Gove and associates at the University of Rochester (NY, USA)7.

In the communication presented at the congress held in Turin in 1978, Gove explained: “It would be preferable to obtain threads from several places throughout the material”.

He requested at least three weft yarns, each 20 cm long, and two or three warp yarns, each 63 cm long10. Mc Crone, director of the Mc Crone Research Institute in Chicago (IL, USA), instead, suggested to use the sample taken from the Shroud in 1973 and examined by Gilbert Raes, director of the Institute of Textile Technology in Ghent (Belgium)11.

One of the laboratories, the one in Zurich17, used a new method of pretreatment that introduced contamination to such extent as to move the dating of about a thousand years. Sindone, in Sindone, il mistero continua, Fondazione 3M Ed., Milan 2005, pp. In 1983, the Lindow Man was dated by Harwell back to the fifth century A. On the advisability of dating the Shroud, the Cardinal asked the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, obtaining the nihil obstat from both.