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Why it's great: Survival instincts are on full display in this episode that begins with a plane full of passengers seemingly bound for certain death, who circle for several hours before an emergency landing attempt.

Though we know the jet safely descended, Glass’ survivor interviews make for a nail-biting segment.

The crux of “Back from the Dead” focuses on those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

In true fashion, the reporting does not endeavor to take on the totality of the disaster, focusing instead on the individuals on the ground, people who rode out the storm in trees and now live in tents, broken communities that look to the outcome of a high school football game to regain a sense of normalcy and hope.

In one of the most gripping discussions ever recorded regarding the role of facts in journalism, Daisey argues for the emotional truth -- the "truthiness" of his version -- while Glass insists, no, facts are facts.