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A three-way date auctioned on Trade Me has evolved into a four-way.

Couple Chelsea Cameron and Grace Whitaker listed a one-off date on the online trading site to help raise funds for their volunteer trip to Nepal next month.

"Scott said he came across the unconventional auction while perusing upcoming Wellington events on Trade Me for date ideas.

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Three Way Dating Clubâ„¢ is completely owned and operated by women dedicated to matching and coaching adults in this unique and exciting form of dating. To start three way dating, simply tell us what you are looking for and when you want to start. Whether you are a man and this is your first three way dating scenario, or you are a couple with experience looking for new friends; we can match you often and instantly. Our coaching, planning and adventure creation ensure that your three way dates are amazing.

This can be one time or an ongoing series of matches with new friends.

"I simply made a bid because I am spontaneous and it seemed like a random fun thing to go and do if I was successful."Scott, a self-described entrepreneur who sold a New Zealand-made natural cleaning product called The Green Stuff, said he had been willing to pay up to $1200 for the opportunity.

Although he admitted to actively seeking love, Scott said that was not the reason he made a bid on the date."It's more about having a fun night out, perhaps even becoming friends with them as it would be cool to follow what they are doing on their journey as I myself have never undertaken anything like what they are about to go and do."Scott had big plans for the evening event, which would involve a dinner and going to see a movie - probably Gods of Egypt.

As the company behind Three Way Dating Club, Luxury Excursions is proud to announce our nomination and selection as a finalist for the award of online dating's most innovative company, with the winner selected at the 2014 i Date awards , held in Las Vegas.