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Dawson: Do you have suggestions for how loved ones should approach those rare, unscheduled, middle-of-the-night phone calls? Be safe, stay focused, we’re all going to get through this!

Mike: Maybe something along these lines: Honey, we’re okay here.  (NOTE: The Hope Line® partners with Courage Beyond for additional resources for military personnel and their families.) Dawson: While it’s difficult for loved ones to understand what their deployed soldier is going through, by comparison is it much easier for soldiers to understand what it is like at home? Some soldiers have no clue about how difficult it is for those at home.

Dawson: It seems that with a lot of our callers the lack of communication with a deployed spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend is what puts a lot of pressure on relationships.

Mike: Communication with those back home is difficult for several reasons.

If couples really don’t understand or feel what the other is going through, they’ll still have a disconnect whether they communicate a lot or a little.